UK House of Commons

Rule History

Date Change Text
27 November 1882 Made

48   Divisions

That, after The House has entered upon the Orders of the Day or Notices of Motions, when, after the House has been cleared for a Division, upon a Motion for the Adjournment of a Debate, or of the House during any Debate, or that the Chairman of a Committee do report Progress, or do leave the Chair, the decision of Mr. Speaker, or of the Chairman of a Committee, that the Ayes or Noes have it is challenged, Mr. Speaker or the Chairman may, after the lapse of two minutes, as indicated by the sand glass, call upon the Members challenging it to rise in their places, and, if they be less than twenty in a House of forty Members or upwards, he may forthwith declare the determination of The House or of the Committee.

07 March 1888 Repealed

48   Divisions

Article repealed